Why Does My Engine Overheat?

When engines work, they produce a lot of heat because of all the little explosions that occur. This means that it has to be cooled in order to work properly. The cooling system takes away heat from the engine by constantly circulating coolant in a closed loop. But what happens if the engine starts to overheat? Well, the answer may be different from what you expect because the issue isn't always the cooling system. We will look at a couple different reasons why your engine is overheating, so make sure you continue to read.

Low Coolant Level

One of the things that can make your engine overheat is a low coolant level. If there is almost no coolant in the loop, heat can't be transferred to it, so it can be cooled. Most of the time, it even starts to evaporate, leading to more problems.

Low Oil Level

Just like the coolant, your engine's oil is also responsible for keeping it at a certain temperature. The main difference is that it is in a closed loop in the engine itself and that it also lubricates all of the parts. Make sure the oil levels are regularly checked and topped off to avoid this issue.

Fluid Pumps Malfunctioning

All of the fluids don't magically move around on their own. A few pumps are responsible for their constant circulation. If the water (coolant) pump or oil pump is malfunctioning, that means the engine won't get fresh coolant and oil; therefore, overheating occurs. Make sure to visit a repair shop if you start noticing excess oil or coolant pressure.

Internal Component Problems

Your engine has a lot of different parts. A couple of them are responsible for distributing coolant, oil, and heat across the whole system. If they break or even slightly crack, a lot of problems might occur. For example, a little crack in the oil pan will slowly leak out the engine's oil, making it overheat and work harder.

Cooling System Repairs At Chicane Motorsport!

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