Another downfall to a number of BMW models ranging from the mid-nineties to the late 2000’s is the infamous VANOS system. The variable valve timing system, also known as VANOS, has a number of key design flaws that over time can lead to a noisy valve train, leave you stranded in limp mode and even be catastrophic to your motors life.

We offer custom, specially modified VANOS kits for all of the single and dual VANOS equipped BMW's, Euro E36 M3's, E46 M3 and E39 M5. Our VANOS units are professionally rebuilt to a much higher standard than the factory refurbished units and will solve engine performance problems that are due to a malfunctioning or stuck VANOS.

Our standard VANOS service includes the following:

  • Full disassembly and cleaning of the original VANOS unit
  • New VANOS seals
  • New modified pump disk with reduced tolerance
  • Anti-rattle kit to reduce noise of operation
  • New OE S62 VANOS hub springs
  • New OE (updated spec) VANOS hub and gear fasteners
  • New OE VANOS filter
  • New OE upper chain guide

With the valve cover removed, there are a number of additional services that can be completed at a lower cost due to overlap in labor with the valve cover removed. Please inquire about the following optional services:

  • Spark plug replacement
  • Valve adjustment (S54 models only)

Vanos Service, Repair/Rebuild - Chicane Motorsport  Chicane Motorsport offers quality Vanos Service, Repair / Rebuild