Bmw e46 subframe repair / reinforcement

The BMW E46 has been plagued with an unfortunate weak point since its inception into the BWM lineup. The rear axle carrier panel is highly susceptible to cracking and tearing due to several design flaws. From continuous transition between on-off throttle, the panel begins to stress and fatigue due to a pitching movement of the rear subframe. To strengthen the rear subframe mounting points on the rear axle carrier panel, we utilize engineered steel reinforcement plates. These plates are welded to the chassis after any chassis repairs are completed. The plates provide a stronger and larger surface area to better disperse the force generated by the rear subframe and suspension components. Combined with stronger subframe bushings, we provide a sound solution that keeps the rear chassis intact and ready for reliable performance.

Our rear subframe reinforcement service includes the following:

  • Full disassembly of the rear assembly
  • Degreasing and cleaning of the rear axle carrier panel
  • Repair of any minor and common cracks
  • Welding in rear subframe reinforcement plates
  • Three-stage undercarriage coating to prevent corrosion
  • Subframe bushing replacement
  • Reassembly of the rear assembly

With the rear assembly removed, there are a number of additional services that can be completed at a lower cost due to overlap in labor with the rear assembly removed.

  • Differential bushings and mount
  • Outer upper and lower ball joints
  • Rear trailing arm bushings
  • Upper inner control arm bushing
  • Lower control arm
  • Rear sway bar