BMW N63 Motor Valve Stem Seals - Chicane Motorsport

BMW N63 Motor Valve Stem Seals – Old valve stem seals harden over time and no longer provide a proper seal between the seal and the stem, allowing oil to leak into the combustion chamber and the exhaust. This leaking can cause your car to smoke and can decrease the life of your catalytic converter. Here at Chicane Motorsport, we’ve seen a number of cars that come in with catalytic inefficiency codes that are solved by replacing the valve stem seals.

Here at Chicane Motorsport we have the tools to perform the Valve Stem Seal Repair without removing the engine or cylinder heads from the vehicle. This repair not only saves you a lot of hours and labor, but also eliminates the huge risk of returning customers with cylinder head gasket issues or oil leaks.

Don’t be stuck paying the insane prices at the dealership, we will get your car back on the road in a fraction of the time and for a fraction of the cost.

What BMW models are prone to premature valve stem seal failure?

  • E70, E71, and E72 X5 50i and X6 50i SUV models 
  • F01, F02 and F04 750i and Li models
  • F07 and F10 550i models
  • F12 and F13 650i models