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Chicane Motorsport has many years of experience modifying cars for enhanced street and race track use. Over the years we have worked with many industry leaders to provide solutions to improve chassis dynamics, increase braking performance and increased power output. Some of our partners such as Motion Control Suspensions have been competing at the highest levels of motorsport across the globe for decades and Performance Friction Brakes are a podium contender in both sports car and oval track racing. We work with the best to provide the best. Check out our Line Card here or our parts store at to see the wide variety of parts we offer. We can supply aftermarket parts for all of your european vehicles ranging from intakes and exhausts, to suspensions and brakes and everything between. 

Aftermarket / Performance Installation in Olathe, KS - Chicane Motorsport

ECU Tuning:

Engine management software tuning is very important in assuring reliability and consistent performance from the many stages of aftermarket hardware upgrades. Different hardware upgrades can change the efficiency and performance of the motor. It is very important to address the software side to optimize the functionality of the motor, sensors and fuel-ignition system.

We are the distributor and approved flashing center for several of the world’s bests ECU tuning companies. Our trusted partners have decades of software calibration experience. All their products are very thoroughly tested on the dyno, street, and racetrack. Between our respective entities, we have a very efficient system in place that strives for very punctual service. 

Chassis Tuning / Setup:

Whether your performance car is stock or has a fully upgraded race suspension, chassis tuning has multiple levels of intricacy in providing a path to the greatest grip advantage. In our many years of racing and track testing, we can provide chassis alignment settings that suit your driving style, car hardware and local racetrack.


Dyno Services:

We offer full dyno services on our AWD Linked Mustang MD-500 dynomometer. The linked system ensures that both the front and rear wheels are rotating at the same speed, which is required on a number of these newer european vehicles. Our dyno is supported with a high velocity fan system to allow for adequate cooling even in the dead of summer.

Dyno Rental Rates

  • $100 – Baseline (3 pulls for power & torque)
  • $125 – Baseline with Wideband AFR
  • $150 – Hourly Rental Fee
  • $175 – Hourly Rental with Wideband AFR

Dyno Services in Olathe, KS - Chicane Motorsport

Track / Race Inspections:

We are a NASA certified tech inspection facility. We compete and represent many drivers in various racing series from SCCA & NASA as well as weekend HPDE.


Chicane Motorsport can handle all types of projects from mild HPDE track cars to full on custom race cars. Some of the race car building services that we offer include the following:

  • Suspension Design and Installation
  • Roll Cage Construction
  • Custom Built Street and Race Car Exhaust Systems
  • Safety System Installation (Window Netting, Fire Suppression, Electrical Cutoff)
  • Bolt-On and Custom Aerodynamic Work
  • General Racing Related Installation and Fabrication Work
  • Chassis Repair and Reinforcement
  • Racing Seat Installation

Complete Race Car Construction in Olathe, KS - Chicane Motorsport