What To Do When Your Car Overheats

If it hasn't occurred to you, you must have witnessed it somewhere; that's a car with smoke rising from under the hood. It's an iconic summer occurrence because of the hot road conditions. That's the last thing you'd like to face, especially when cruising on a highway across a rural area. You can avoid getting stuck on the road by understanding what to do when the engine overheats.

What Causes Engine Overheating?

You can attribute car overheating to several factors. The common culprit is a failed cooling system, usually associated with the coolant in the radiator. It could also be anything from an antifreeze leak, broken water pump, a clogged hose, or faulty radiator. Regardless, it's a problem that you want lingering around.

Below are tips for dealing with an overheated engine;

Find a Safe Spot to Pull Over

You need to find a safe location to pull over the car. Shut off its motor and let it cool for at least 15 minutes. That amount of time is enough to allow the temperatures to drop. Check the temperature meter to monitor the reading.

As you wait for the engine to cool, it would be best if you started creating a plan to get the car serviced. Therefore, contact a trusted auto care shop that can deploy a tow rig to take your vehicle to the garage for further inspections and repairs.

Turn Off the AC and Increase the Heat

The first thing you need to do is turn the AC off to reduce the stress on the engine. Then, turn the dial to maximum heat so that the ac draws excess heat from the motor. That reduces engine heat, and you can drive to a safe location without heating the engine further.

Check the Coolant; Refill the Radiator [If Possible]

Check the condition and coolant level in the radiator. If it's dropped, quickly refill it to boost its engine-cooling power. You can read the manufacturer's manual to identify the location of the coolant tank and how to top it off. Nonetheless, this approach won't help if there's an underlying problem, such as a broken radiator fan.

The next time your car's engine overheats, or you need automotive repair and maintenance solutions, bring your vehicle to our automotive care center. We have certified and highly trained technicians who'll service your radiator professionally.