What Makes RWB Porsches Different? What Does RWB Actually Mean?

When it comes to iconic sports cars, few brands command as much respect and admiration as Porsche. Known for their precision engineering and timeless design, Porsches have captivated automotive enthusiasts for decades. However, within this realm of automotive excellence, a particular subculture has emerged, giving birth to a breed of Porsches that are truly one-of-a-kind. These extraordinary machines are called RWB Porsches (you will learn about the abbreviation later), and they embody a spirit of individuality and customization that sets them apart from their more conventional counterparts. Here is a deeper look inside the RWB culture, what it means, and what it stands for:

|What Does RWB Mean?

RWB stands for "Rauh-Welt Begriff," a German term that translates to "Rough World Concept" in English. It is a company founded by Akira Nakai, a skilled Japanese Porsche enthusiast and master craftsman. RWB has gained worldwide recognition for its unique approach to customizing Porsche 911 models. Nakai's creations blend elements of motorsport-inspired design, wide-body modifications, and a raw, aggressive aesthetic to create truly head-turning machines.

One of the most popular ones is his very own matte black RLC Exclusive RWB Porsche 930!

|RWB Porsches: Aesthetic Transformation

One of the defining characteristics of an RWB Porsche is its striking wide-body design. Nakai-san ("san" meaning mister/Mr.) modifies the original Porsche 911 by fitting over-fenders to increase the vehicle's width dramatically. These over-fenders are handcrafted and meticulously shaped to provide seamless integration with the car's original body lines, resulting in a widened and more aggressive stance. The wider fenders accommodate larger wheels and tires, further enhancing the car's presence on the road.

Nakai-san's attention to detail extends beyond the wide-body modifications. Each RWB Porsche receives a custom front bumper, rear bumper, side skirts, and a distinctive rear wing, meticulously crafted to enhance the car's aerodynamics and visual impact. The result is a uniquely sculpted machine that demands attention from every angle.

|The RWB Experience: Beyond Aesthetics

RWB Porsches are not just about appearance; they offer a visceral and engaging driving experience. While the modifications are primarily focused on the exterior, the suspension and braking systems are often upgraded to complement the newfound power and handling capabilities. Nakai-san's goal is to create a car that looks as fast as it performs, and driving an RWB Porsche delivers on that promise.

What sets RWB Porsches apart goes beyond the physical modifications. Nakai-san's approach to building these cars involves a deep personal connection with each owner. He visits workshops and garages around the world, spending days transforming ordinary Porsches into unique automotive masterpieces. This hands-on approach, combined with his passion and attention to detail, ensures that every RWB Porsche carries a piece of Nakai-san's spirit and craftsmanship.
While you might not be a RWB owner, you can still have a Porsche, which is quite enough for us! Every Porsche deserves care and proper maintenance. That's why we at Chicane Motorsport invite you to our shop, so we can keep it working properly and, if you want, modify it to boost its performance!