Ways to Freshen up your Car for Spring

Spring is the best time for cleaning your car, making it fresh and spotless. The long and dreary winters hardly inspire vehicle maintenance. With snowy weather, frosty conditions, icy, sandy, dirty, and gravelly roadways making all sorts of grime accumulate on the outside and the inside of your car. It can be tough to emphasize car maintenance when you often, routinely, and firstly have to deal with snow shoveling to use your car.

No matter the climate, your automobile still benefits from these ways to freshen up your car for spring.

Wash the underside of the car.

Use a water hose to spray every observable area under your vehicle so that dirt and salt get washed away.

Wash the headlights and taillights.

Wipe the front and rear lights on the car using a damp cloth to remove the dirt and clear up the haze. With cleaned lamps, the amount of light emanating from the vehicle will increase, and the night visibility of the car improves.

Clean the Interior

Move seats forward or backward to create space, then use a vacuum cleaner to remove the accumulated dirt, salt, and junk. Use upholstery cleaner to clean cloth seats, stain remover for any stains, and Armor All to shine the delicate surfaces.

Clean or Change Floor Mats.

Change floor mats or use a hose to spray away any filth accumulated on them. Then, vacuum and clean the cloth mats. The cloth floor mats are where a lot of salt, dirt, and gravel collects, so lift the cloth floor mats and clean them underneath them.

Change the Wiper Blades and Clean the Windows.

Replace broken wiper blades, especially if there is streaking or skipping on the windshield. Use window cleaner to clean any dirt on the front and rear windows of the car.

Clean out the trunk.

Remove all the junk from your trunk and re-organize any needed items to avoid clutter.

Service your Car!

Springtime is also the best time to change engine oil, top-up fluids, check brakes, and rotate tires. If you need your vehicle serviced, we invite you to bring your vehicle to Chicane Motorsport today!