Take Care of Your European Vehicle This Fall!

Most vehicle owners of European makes should know the importance of seasonal maintenance. This is because auto care goes a long way toward improving the safety and reliability of your euro vehicle. There are ten essential maintenance recommendations to help ensure your car, SUV, or truck is operating at its fullest potential for the cooler seasons. It's never a bad idea to give your vehicle some extra love and attention before the harsh Kansas winter settles in. Here are our top 10 components that you should have inspected this autumn:

  1. Check all of the essential fluids. Your vehicle depends on various liquids, including motor oil, power steering, brake, transmission, and antifreeze/coolant. We advise that you top these off now to save you from the headache later.
  2. Inspect all hoses and belts (timing belt, serpentine belt, etc.) to ensure they are not damaged, cracked, frayed, loose, or showing aging signs.
  3. Test the car battery and replace it if needed. The terminals on the battery should be clean and free of corrosion to hold a proper charge.
  4. Verify the braking system works. 
  5. Check the exhaust system for leaks or damages. Exhaust system leaks can range from mild to very dangerous, so any problems must be addressed and fixed as soon as possible.
  6. Examine the engine to make sure it is giving a good balance of power and fuel economy.
  7. Test the HVAC system as sufficient airflow is crucial for cabin comfort and safety. In addition, your defrosters need to work to clear your windows.
  8. Investigate the steering and suspension system to ensure you are getting reliable handling and control behind the wheel.
  9. Monitor your tires, including tire pressure and tread patterns. Any uneven tread may imply that you require a wheel alignment soon.
  10. Check the windshield, windshield wiper, and lighting so that you can see through any weather. And you can be seen by others on the road as well.

If you need a complete fall automotive inspection on your Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, MINI, Porsche, or Volkswagen, please feel free to reach out to our techs at Chicane Motorsport.