Signs You Need Suspension Repair

What should be a smooth ride could turn into a bumpy and grinding trip when driving with a collapsed or almost collapsed suspension in a vehicle. Bad suspension could cause the car to make many grinding, clicking, or thumping noises and the car could also 'sway' or 'bounce' from side to side.

This is caused by damaged springs in the car or bad alignment and is a sign that shocks and struts need to be checked. Shock absorbers prevent the car from bouncing along as you go over bumpy roads or speed up, as do the struts in a vehicle. Both of these car parts are vital in a vehicle's suspension system.

Struts are mounted on top of the car's chassis and the car's coil spring is mounted on these parts. Thus, all these components make up the car's suspension attached to the car's knuckle; it allows for minor adjustments to be made to the alignment, if necessary.

Symptoms that the suspension may have issues is the vehicle tipping to one side as you make turns, the nose dips when braking hard, the car feels unstable when accelerating on the highway, tires are bouncing a lot and are worn out unevenly, the back end of the vehicle seems to hang down when accelerating and there may also be fluid leakage on the shocks and struts.

Worn shock absorbers are usually the main culprit when it comes to suspension problems as fluid could leak from them and cause the deterioration of their performance. Struts are next and a knocking sound might be observed when going over bumps in the road or even trying to cross small creeks or washes.

One other thing that could also be a sure indicator that it is time to check or replace a car's suspension components is when the steering wheel feels stiffer than normal or if it is harder to turn the vehicle. Strange noises may also be heard from the vehicle when trying to turn the steering wheel, and there could be a swaying feeling, or the car may lean to one side when driving and changing lanes.

It may even feel as if the car is drifting, as the suspension system cannot keep the car stable on the road if it is in a bad condition. If you suspect that you need suspension repair, we invite you into our shop for service today!