Signs Of a Worn Timing Chain

A timing chain is one of the most overlooked yet integral parts of an internal combustion engine. With a functional timing chain, your car simply would not start and run. When the chain fails, it can cause extensive engine corruption, which can cost you a ton to repair. That is why Olathe drivers turn to Chicane Motorsport for Audi and Volkswagen timing chain replacements.

What Does the Timing Chain Do?

The timing chain is exactly what it sounds like – it consists of metallic links that are evenly spread to run along a set of gears to rotate the engine’s crankshaft and camshaft. The movements are timed to regulate the opening and closing of the valves. The chain sits inside the engine, where it is exposed to motor oil for proper lubrication. Though timing chains wear better than belts, they still wear down and can get loose or break from excess tension.

What Are the Signs of a Worn Timing Chain?

A faulty timing chain can exemplify the following warning signs:

  • Rattling noise upon start up - You may hear this odd sound when you start the engine or engage the breaks. It is often a result of a loose or stretched chain that experiences movement.
  • Engine misfires - The worn timing belt can cause a fuel and air imbalance, which will result in a loss of engine power. If your car has a jerking motion, consider having your timing chain checked.
  • Bad motor oil - If you find metallic fragments when checking your oil, there’s a good chance it is coming from the timing chain. Metal parts are likely to chip off when the timing chain is worn out. 
  • Check engine light illuminated - A failing timing chain will trigger the check engine light to come on the dash. 

If you’ve recognized the signs above or can’t start your car due to a bad timing chain, please bring your car to the experts at Chicane Motorsport soon. Feel free to bring your vehicle to our shop for a timing chain/belt inspection anytime.