Is Oil Sludge Bad for Your Car?

You have probably heard how horrible oil sludge is for your engine. But what exactly is oil sludge anyway?  Oil sludge is a thick substance that is formed when the engine oil is oxidized and contaminated. It is made up of partially burnt fuel, metal fragments, and debris. Oil sludge then gets carried by the oil, and you can find it clinging onto the various parts of the engine.


Why Does Oil Sludge Build Up?

Oil sludge can be noticed on top of the engine, inside the oil pan, and on the valve cover. The sludge can later block the siphon and consequently hinder the circulation of oil within the motor. Sludge is usually built up for several reasons. The most common cause of oil sludge is frequently driving in heavy traffic. Frequent short-distance drives and long periods of braking and driving can drastically accelerate oil sludge build-up.


Is Oil Sludge Harmful?

As mentioned before, oil sludge usually has the effect of hindering oil circulation in your engine. Since oil is accountable for cooling and lubricating your engine, reduced oil circulation will increase the friction in your machine. It can also put your engine at a higher risk of overheating. In addition to making your car less efficient, oil sludge will eventually lead you to more costly repairs if ignored.


In conclusion, oil sludge has the potential to damage your engine. The good news is that if you discover it early enough, it can be resolved before causing any damages at all. It would be best if you occasionally inspected everything under your car hood. This includes your oil, your engine, and its surrounding areas. If you are long overdue for an oil change and you want oil sludge expelled from your engine, feel free to bring your vehicle to Chicane Motorsport. Give us a call or visit us today!