Important Winter Driving Tips Every Car Owner Should Know

Snowy and icy roads give many drivers a winter headache. Harsh weather is one of the major causes of accidents. Getting behind the wheel is no longer fun for many drivers in such prevailing weather conditions.


Critical driving tips that are helpful in terms of safety and car reliability:

1. Warm Up Your Car

Do not start your car engine and take off. Spare some time for the car to warm up for thirty seconds. You'll save your engine from mechanical problems and wear.

However, do not prolong the warming up to avoid having extra oil in the combustion chamber.


2. Carry Extra Tank of Gas in Your Car

What happens to you while on a road trip is unpredictable. If you become stranded when the weather becomes chilly, an extra gas will help you keep warm. Sometimes the weather conditions can be extreme. Take precaution.


3. Winter Survival Kit

Always ensure you have an extra pair of cloth, blankets, medicine, boots, and non-perishable foods. An emergency flashlight works wonders when the need arises.


4. Do Not Panic

Keep driving even when the roads seem icy. Use safely recommended speed. If you panic, you are most likely to lose balance and concentration on the road. At times you'll feel the need to oversteer. Please don't do it, or else you'll lose your grip.


5. Mind the Car In Front of You

Maintain a distance of about three seconds between you and the car in front of you. When it's chilly, increase the distance to about ten seconds. In case of anything, you'll be able to brake in good time and avoid a collision.


6. Check the Weather Forecasts

Understand when to be on the road and when to stay off the road. There is no given time when you should drive; make a proper judgment. Train yourself to watch the weather forecast to determine if it's safe to embark on a trip.


7. Change Into Winter Tires

Winter tires are an excellent recommendation if you live in an area below 45 degrees. They will give stable traction while using the cold pavement.


If you need to prepare your vehicle for winter, we invite you to bring your vehicle to Chicane Motorsport in Olathe, KS, today!