How to Know When Your Shocks and Struts Need Service

Your shocks and struts are vital to the overall integrity of your suspension system. When either part starts to feel, it could lead to a catastrophe. So how can you tell when your shocks and struts need to be serviced?


Before we can answer this question it’s important for you to know the distinction between shocks versus struts. Struts are a major part of your suspension system, and they act as a shock absorber while providing structural support for the overall system. Whereas, shock absorbers only have one job: to absorb the shock from bumps on the road. Shocks do not support the way of your vehicle as struts do. Some vehicles have one or the other, or a combination of both.


Below are the warning signs of aging shocks and struts:

Vehicle dipping and veering

If your vehicle dramatically leans left or right on turns, it could mean that your shocks or struts are worn. The front end of your vehicle may also dip down when you come to a stop.

Shakiness at high speeds

When you’re driving on the highway with bad suspension parts, your vehicle will feel very shaky. Excessive shakiness or vibrations are never a good sign and can point to suspension problems. The symptoms may worsen as speed increases.

Leaking fluid near parts

You can also inspect the shocks and struts to determine whether they are failing. If they’re covered in fluid or grease, it may mean that the seals have broken. When you notice this, please take your car to an auto repair shop as soon as possible.

Suspension Services in Olathe, Kansas

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