Common Explanations for Motor Oil Leaks

Have you ever come back to your parked vehicle and seen a dark puddle of liquid underneath? If so, you’re most likely looking at an oil leak. While you may be tempted to sweep the situation under the rug, you should know that your engine needs certain amount of oil to operate smoothly. Without sufficient lubrication from the motor oil, your engine parts can suffer extensive damage.


More importantly, we should mention that oil leaks are common in older cars. As our car ages, so do the parts under the hood. Here are some of the parts that may be behind your pesky oil leak:


Worn gaskets are a likely contender when it comes to oil leaks. Gaskets are rubber pieces that act as a sealant and cushion between all your engine’s metallic components. They prevent the parts from banging against each other, but unfortunately, they can wear out from the engine’s extreme conditions. Oil leaks tend to seep out of worn or damaged gaskets.

Oil Filter 

As technicians, we cannot stress enough how important it is to replace your oil filter when having your oil changed. Otherwise, a clogged oil filter can cause leaks. It is also important to note to use the right-fitting oil filter. Otherwise, an incompatible filter can cause leaks.

Oil Lid

When refilling your car with oil, it is important to note the condition of the fill cap.  A damaged or loose fill cap can also contribute to oil leaks.

Oil Pan

The oil pan sits underneath most cars and holds a significant amount of oil. It is in a position that is susceptible to getting damaged. All it takes is one hit with an obstacle on the road to crack the pan and spill out the oil.  

Drain Plug

The drain plug is used to cleanse the system and get rid of the dirty oil at every oil change. If this part is loose or damaged, it can cause your car to continuously leak out the lubricant.


An engine oil leak is a problem that drivers should take more seriously, especially if you own an older/high-mileage car. If you suspect you have an oil leak, please bring your car, SUV, or truck to our shop for inspections today. We have talented techs who are ready to restore your vehicle!