3 Signs That You Need Transmission Repair

Your vehicle's transmission is made to (manually or automatically) shift your automobile into the correct gear and keep your transport operating smoothly. How do you know when a transmission has gone wrong? Well, one of the most obvious signs is hearing odd noises whenever you try to change gears. Let's further discuss the most apparent signs of a poor transmission:

Sign #1 - You Have Trouble Making Gear Shifts

If you notice that your gear changes abruptly, then that is a clear indication of a transmission problem. Another symptom related to the difficulties with gear shifts is if your car is not stimulating quick enough or can't accelerate. You should make a note of any delays between gear changes, whether the connection is slow or if there's a long gap in between. This can be a significant cause for concern as we depend on our gears to move, reverse, park, etc.

Sign #2 - You Experience Transmission Fluid Leaks 

Transmission fluid is almost always red. And if you see a pool of pinky-red liquid near your vehicle, it may imply that your transmission fluid is leaking. You will want to have this patched up immediately to ensure you don't experience costly transmission damage.

Sign #3 - Warning Light on Dash

Most of us know you should never overlook that dashboard warning light! Seldom, a problem with the transmission can trigger the check engine light. It may or may not be transmission-related, but a flashing light is a signal to rush to the auto repair shop ASAP. 


These are some pronounced symptoms that may mean your transmission needs inspection and care. Depending on the sign, you need to tend to your transmission as soon as possible to avoid costly repairs. The last place you'd want to be is stranded in a random area. If your car needs transmission repair, please take it to Chicane Motorsport right away!